What Is So Great About This Blog

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The only chance this blog has of succeeding is to be different then the 100’s of other ‘How To Make Money Online’ blogs.

What makes this blog different:

  • This blog is about a website. It discusses and analyzes the creation, maintenance, and performance of howthiswebsitemakesmoney.com.
  • All claims are backed up by actual data. You will not see claims like: ‘post comments because it increases traffic’. This blog will show, by using actual data, how much traffic posting comments has brought to howthiswebsitemakesmoney.com.
  • There are no false claims of how I made 1000’s of dollars a day using a secret system. With this blog, lies and exaggerated claims are impossible because howthiswebsitemakesmoney.com reveals all of its stats.
  • Being a webmaster is not always a sunny day. This blog discusses the real trials and tribulations of being a webmaster. If this blog/website are doing poorly then you will see traces of tears in the posts.
  • This blog has no advertising or selling of any kind. It is simply information and entertainment. The website howthiswebsitemakesmoney.com does all the money making, not this blog.
  • Most blogs expect you to follow their advice on the assumption that they are an authority on the subject. This blog expects you to look at the data and decide for yourself.

All Posts Are Written With The Following in Mind:

  • Honesty.
  • Mix information with entertainment.
  • The visitors time is valuable. Provide clear and original content.
  • No claims without data to support it.
  • One day this blog and the website it discusses will be successful.


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