This Post gets an ‘F’

Written On Day: 11

My high school English teacher explained that to get your ideas across in writing you need to do the following:

  • Have an introductory paragraph which clearly states the thesis
  • Summarize the key points to be argued
  • In detail argue each point
  • Have a concluding paragraph which summarizes the arguments and clearly states the conclusion.

If I tried to do that for this post then nobody would read it.  You would give me an F.  Blog posts are a completely different entity then high school essays.

First of all the audience is not your teacher – a person who is paid to read your writing.  Teachers must dread reading that rambling, formatted, go nowhere dribble.  They constantly remind themselves that they are doing it to put food on the table.

Blog posts must not resemble high school essays at all.  Look at any successful blog and you quickly get a sense of the format.

  • Exciting title
  • Attention grabbing sentence withing the first few sentences
  • Short paragraphs – just a few sentences each
  • Lots of lists
  • And if possible pictures

A blog post should resemble a children’s book.  Why? Because the audience of your posts are people who do not need to read it.  They are using up their free time to read your post.  You better give them something; and you better make it easy to read.

Actually even asking them to read it is already asking too much.  They will not even read it.  They will just skim.  Reading every 4th word.  Or reading just the first sentence of each paragraph. Why do they do this?  Because most likely your blog is not worth the time.  This can be deemed from the fact that 99% of all blogs created are failures.

A visitor has a 99% chance of landing on a bad blog, one that in a short time will fail.  So why should they risk the time to give it a careful read.  They will quickly scan, find nothing of interest and look for another one – gone forever.

Maybe after your blog has a loyal audience which has been reading your short, interesting, list filled posts, can you dare to please your English teacher.  But even with a loyal audience I still doubt that anybody will read it, including your English teacher.

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