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Written On Day: 25

Having a website means having content.  And unless you pay somebody to write it, you are going to do a lot of writing.  So it better be about something you want to write about.

This is the advise you will always hear.  Choose to create a website about something that you enjoy – something that you can write endlessly about.  It is good advise.  Nothing will kill a website like an owner who does not want to update it.  Who wakes up in the morning and thinks, “Oh God, what am I going to write about today.”

The problem is that what you like to write about might not necessarily be something that people want to read about.  A website is a partnership between the writer and the reader.  The writer agrees to write and the reader agrees to read.  If either partner does not fulfill their side of the bargain the website will fail.

You Love Writing About Gerbils


You want to start a website about gerbil care.  Your pet, which you lovingly call Tooku, is the best friend you ever had.   He listens when you complain about the world, he watches TV with you, he even lets you know with a cute squeak that it is around supper time.

You have been with Tooku for many years.  In that time you have learned a lot.  What he likes to eat, his favorite toy, how to keep his cage nice and clean.

Your going to write a website about proper gerbil care.

The website will be called “Taking Care of Tooku – Your Guide to Taking Care of Gerbils”.  It will be a great looking site.  Lots of pictures, tutorials, stories and even a video of Tooku eating a whole carrot in just under 6 hours.  There will be lots of content – you love writing about Tooku and how to take care of him.

So far, it looks like you have everything you need for a successful site.  Your love of the topic, and lots of content.

Problem 1 – Nobody Cares

But there is a problem.  Does anybody want to read about gerbil care?  My gut instinct tells me no.  But there is a way to find out.  Go to to Google’s keyword search tool and type in “gerbil care”.  What you will discover is that for the last month the words “gerbil care” have been searched for only 2,400 times.  That sounds like a lot.  But it is not.  In a whole month only 2,400 people care enough about gerbils to look them up on the Internet.  Compare that with the number of Internet users who care about carpet care – 33,100.  People on the Internet care about carpets 15 times more then they do about gerbils.

Problem 2 – If They Care, It Will Be Only Once.

I cannot imagine somebody spending their Sunday morning on your site reading about gerbil care.  You could be the most entertaining writer and have the best advise.  But nobody, besides your mother who loves you, will want to spend too much time reading about gerbils. The few visitors that do find your site will just want to quickly find out if it is OK to feed their gerbil left over spinach.  They will not forward your site to all their friends, they will not make it their homepage.  They will quickly get the info and leave.  Completely ignoring your story about how you took Tooku to Disneyland.

Problem 3 – They Might Care, But Not Enough To Spend Any Money

People who do searches for gerbil care are not going to buy anything.  Your visitor is probably a six year old boy wondering why his gerbil has been sleeping for 4 days straight.  He is not going to click on the ad for ‘One size fits all gerbil boots’.  Nor will someone purchase your 156 page e-book ‘What to do when your gerbil is too fat to fit in the hamster wheel?’

Also consider that according to the Google Keyword tool the advertiser competition for the word gerbil care is low.  So if someone does click on the ad then you will get 2 cents.  Best case scenario:  everybody who searches for ‘gerbil care’ finds your site and clicks an ad.  You make  2400 * .02 = $48 that month.

It is Nothing Against Tooku

He is a great gerbil.  A real pal. He has taught you lots and you love to write about him.  But that is only half of it.  Your visitors need to care, but they don’t.  Your visitors need to spend, but they won’t.

In case your wondering – no, I have nothing against gerbils.  I am just arguing that if you want a successful website you need to write about something that people want to read about.  For example, “Pest Control” which has 1,000,000 searches a month.

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