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Written On Day: 45

When I started creating the website I gave myself a full week to create the initial content. The goal was 15 pages.   The procedure was simple.  Wake up early in the morning. Do research.  Stare at a blank page of OpenOffice Writer and then begin writing.

What emerged was 15 hogpog pages.  They are all about ‘Starting a Website’.  The standard stuff:

  • Registering a Domain Name
  • Getting a Web Host Service
  • Making Money with Ads
  • Making Money with Affiliates
  • …and so on

They are placed on a page called ‘Information’.  Here is what it looks like:

Information Page Needs Fixing

Unfortunately, the page is all wrong.  It does not target a specific audience.

Who Visits The Site:

Three types of  Internet users:

  1. Do not care about creating a website
  2. Have a website and want to see if they can get tips to make theirs better
  3. Want to create a website and make money online but do not know how to start

Type 1 – Do Not Visit Website

Most Internet users are type 1.  They are spectators.  They use the Internet for information and entertainment.  They are not interested in creating a website or making money online.  Even though these are the most abundant users on the Internet they do not visit my site.  They are not lured by the question, ‘How This Website Makes Money’.  Most of them will never visit my site.  So I do not care about them.

Because of the way I market the website, most of the visitors are type 2 and 3.

Type 2 – Visit Website, I Have Nothing To Teach Them

Visitor type 2 want to know how the website is doing so that they can compare their stats with mine.  Then either laugh at me, think I am fudging the numbers, or possibly get inspired.  Since my website is new and I know very little about making money online, they know more then I do.  I cannot help them.

Type 3 – Visit Website, Lots of Them, I can Teach Them

Visitor type number 3 is the one that concerns me most.  They are ones I can help.  I know how to create a website.  The proof is the site itself.  I have something to offer them – to teach how to create a money making website.

They are the most abundant.  There is a Type 3 visitor born every minute – it is so easy to become one.  You are type 1 and then you realize that ‘Hey I could do this…I could make money online.’  Every type 1 has the potential to become a type 3.  They aspire to be a webmaster but just do not know how.  Where to start?  What is a domain name?  How much can be made?  These are questions I know the answers to. 

Lots of them and looking for information.  Here I am, ready to help.  Just need to make sure that they realize that I can help.

Fixing The Information Page

The problem with my current ‘Information’ page is that it does not focus on the type 3 visitor.  Visitor Bob is looking at the information page and is unsure if it is relevant.  If Bob is type 2 then he will click on a few pages and say to himself, “I know all this stuff.  Bye”.  If Bob is type 3 then he looks at the page and says to himself, “Domain names? Affiliates?  What is that?  I want to create a website…does this page teach me how?  Probably not.  Bye.”

The information page needs to be revamped.  It needs to clearly target type 3.  The visitor that needs the most help.  The visitor I can help the most.

The first step will be to change the name.  Instead of ‘Information’ it will be renamed to ‘Learn How’.  This is so obvious.  The website is called how this website makes money.  It should have a ‘Learn How’ page.

Then the links will be renamed to specifically target type 3.  Sections like, ‘How to create a website for beginners’, ‘What beginners need to know’, and ‘How beginners can make make money online’.

By making these changes a target audience will be served.  That should increase traffic.  That should increase revenue.

Working For Peanuts

All that remains is to make the changes.  I expect it will take about 5 hours to make all the changes.  So far I have worked 241 hours and made $93.15 which means that I make $0.39 per hour.   $0.39 multiplied by 5 hours is $1.95.  For now my motivation must be to help those who seek help, not to make money. 🙂

  1. February 21st, 2009 at 08:08 | #1

    This is a really good post. I like seeing the thought process that you went through when you analyzed your site and how you can better serve your target audience. This type of information is great for people who are involved in any long term project.

  2. June 8th, 2011 at 16:10 | #2

    As the above two comments say, a good post and a really good writing style, ‘this is how it is’!

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