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Albert Einstein famously asked himself, “What would it be like to ride on a beam of light?”.  By answering his own question he was able to completely change our understanding of time and space.  Time became relative and space was curved.  He changed the world.

A couple days ago I asked myself, “What would it be like to be the only affiliate for all of Amazon’s products?”  What if everybody who buys a product from Amazon did so through my website?  For Albert it took years to answer his question, I had my answer in a matter of seconds:  My website would crash.  And I would be have a #$@! load of money.

The Standard Amazon Affiliate Model

The standard method of being a affiliate for Amazon is as follows.  Review a product and place a link to the product at  If the visitor is persuaded by your review they will click on the link and purchase the product from Amazon.  You get paid a  commission for sending the visitor to Amazon.

This website is about making money online.  The only products I could review are make money online books.  But for me to review them I would have to read them – and like them.  Find a few books I enjoy, write a review and try to peddle them off on my visitors.  If I do manage to convince someone to purchase a book Amazon would reward me 5% commission.   I could never become rich this way.

I do not want to review products.  I want people to simply use my site to buy products from Amazon.  And not just some products – all products.

How To Get People To Buy Products From My Website

The most obvious way is to ask them to.  I could post a picture of me on bended knees with hands clasped together under my chin, begging them to use my website.  With caption, “Please use my site to buy your Amazon products.  If you do I will become rich.”.  Although this is the easiest way, it is also the most infective.  Nobody cares whether I make lots of money.  There needs to be incentive, other then my financial gain, to convince people to buy products from my site.

The World Needs Help

Before Adam’s grumpy stomach overtook him and he bit into a fresh apple, the world was a happy place. The skies were an unpolluted blue, the trees tall and full of singing birds.  Everybody got along, had what they needed, and were happy. But times have changed.  The world needs help.  People are fighting, hungry and abused.   The environment is changing, skies are graying and choking;  the seas are murky and sick;  animals are fighting for their existence. The world is far from being a paradise.

It is not all that bad.  There are places in the world doing well.  There are people doing well. People with plenty of food and living in peace. Parks and sanctuaries where animals and plants thrive. The universe  hands out fortune randomly.  Some have lots of fortune, while others are completely without.  Lady Fortuna deals her cards blindfolded.  Only the fortunate have the luxury to help those dealt a poor hand.

So far I am one of the fortunate ones.  I am better off then the world average.  But if everybody used this website to make their Amazon purchases then that would change.  I would become abundantly fortunate.  Too much fortune to handle by myself.  It would have to give it away.  Push my fortune down and pull other’s fortune up.

People Do Not Care About Me, They Care About The World

This website donates most of the revenue earned from Amazon to charity.  The possibilities are amazing.

According to Amazon’s 2008 income statement they receive almost 20 billion dollars in revenue annually.  Amazon pays approximately 5% of purchase price to affiliates.  This means that if in 2008 all products where sold through this website, Amazon would have had to pay this website (5% of 20 billion) 1 billion dollars.  Compared to how much this website makes now, that would have been a really good year.

1 billion dollars – that is a lot of fortune that can be passed on to the less fortunate.  And that is what this website intends to do.  Take most of the money and pass it onto the those that need it.

People might not care about me, but they care about the world.  By using this website to make their Amazon purchases the state of the world can be improved.  They will do it to help the less fortunate – people, environment, animals.  This website will make money by tipping the scale of fortune towards a more even tilt.

To answer the question: What would it be like to be the only affiliate for all of Amazon’s products?  It would be having hundreds of millions of dollars to give the less fortunate.  Change the world.

Update September 2009

This idea was a total bomb.  The charity page was up for a couple months and only two people purchased a book from Amazon.  So the charity page has been removed.  The Lesson: Do not depend on people’s chairty to make you money online.

  1. Lubor
    April 6th, 2009 at 23:49 | #1

    The idea of giving to a charity sounds great in principle, but in reality how can we be certain that the money is being put to good use. Apparently, this site is going to donate to a charity called Conservation International. That’s a nice sounding name but what is their agenda, who started them up, who decides their policies and are they truly altrustic? Who is on the receivinng end of this charity’s effort? As an example, lets say a nice family of four lives on a family farm near the forest. But Conversation International decides that the area that they live in is actually a bunny rabbit habitat. So Conservation International wants to evict them so they can turn their land into a protected bunny rabbit sanctuary. If this website sends money to Conservation International, they’re going to hire some big shot slick lawyer to boot this family off their land in order to make way for the enviromental sanctuary. So by sending money to this charity you’d be helping to destroy the lives of a nice family. Why would we want to be part of this?

  2. roman
    April 7th, 2009 at 15:58 | #2

    Hello Lubor and welcome to the blog,

    Choosing which charity to donate to can be a tricky. For the reasons your point out. To use another example, say you donate a can of food to the food bank. How can you be sure that once delivered the recipient does not take the heavy can of food and throw it at someone’s head and kill them? You can not be sure – will the can be used as food, or as a weapon? Maybe the food bank should only accept soft foods.

    If you are worried that Conversation International will ruin the lives of a perfect little family by sending in the rabbits, then please vote for a different charity. Otherwise, if you would rather not donate to any charity please let me know and I will keep the money for myself from your purchase.

    Thanks for your comment and interest in this blog.

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