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aristotle setting goals

Aristotle accomplished a lot in his ancient Greek life.  He can be credited as one of the founding fathers of western thought.  He studied and made observations about morality and aesthetics, logic and science, politics and metaphysics.  In his free time he was a tutor of Alexander the Great.  A person like this is not common.  He has the ability to keep going and going – doing more and more.

How did he keep motivated?  What helped him get out of bed every morning and dive into his work?  Aristotle’s answer:

Man is a goal seeking animal. His life only has meaning if he is reaching out and striving for his goals.

Goals.  Man needs to set goals for himself.  Without goals there is no meaning – there is nothing to strive for.

My Goal – Make Money Online Website

Who am I to doubt Aristotle.  I must set goals.  This website was started willy-nilly.  It was built with the intent of just seeing what happens. But that is not the right approach.  I need something to strive for.  If it helped Aristotle become one of the greatest thinkers of all time, I am sure setting goals will help this website.

The main keywords for this website are: make,money,online,website.  My goal is to be one of the top five results in Google search for the term ‘make money online website‘.  When somebody types ‘make money online website‘ into Google I want to see this website appear in one of the top 5 spots.  Currently for this term this website is nowhere to be seen.  I checked as far back as the 500th result.  No luck – not there.

Know The Enemy (the competition)

Before I tackle this goal I need to know who I am fighting against.  Who are in the top 5 spots now?  The best way to beat them is to know who they are.  What have they done to get there.  By studying who they are I can adjust my strategy to either mimic what they did to get there or find a weak spot in their approach.  Find something that they are missing, or not doing, or doing poorly.  Once I know how they got to where they are then I can do what they are doing and add a little more – that extra push that puts me above them.

The nice thing about the ‘make money online’ niche is that it is about revealing what you do.  So most of the blogs and website are about how they got to where they are at.  So it is only a matter of going through their website and finding out what strategies they recommend for online success. 

I am going to focus on two of the top 5 holders, because they have very different strategies.  And they are very good writers – they do a good job explaining how they got to the top.

Make Money Online Website search results

A Brick and Mortar Website

The top spot is currently held by  It is a really good ‘Make Money Online’ website.  The owner is Lisa.  Her website made it to the top in what can be called the traditional approach – time, quality content, and persistence.  She started making money online in 1998 and has stuck with it.  By constantly adding content and maintaining a presence on the Internet she has made it to the top.  Hard work and time.  Posting on forums, answering questions by readers, making comments on other blogs.  By helping others her name became known.  Slowing, but steadily she gained readers.  10 years later, it is paying off.  Now she has inspirational youtube videos and tutorials, a busy forum and a popular blog.  She has become an trusted authority in the field.  Her opinion is respected.  She does not hide her identity and is completely honest about everything she has to say. 

Her website is a rock.  It is well designed, clear and well written.  Quality material, a great personality, and high ranking.  She does everything by the book and there is little chance that her ranking will fall.  Her website is like amazon, or ebay.  A trusted and quality site.  Exactly what Google likes.  Google rewards her by placing her website at the top.

Understand and Exploit

The website at spot 4 is  This website is almost the complete opposite of the one above.  It is not pretty.  No flashing graphics, logos or pull down menus.  Actually is it a basic free blogspot blog.  Simple design – black text against a white background.  His posts are extremely long, something that your ‘suppose’ to not do.  The owner is Grizzly.  He does not reveal his true identity.  All that is known is that he lives somewhere in Northern Canada.  His blog is only 3 years old.  He does not participate in forums and does not do any Internet marketing.

But he is in the 4th spot.  He is doing something right.  With his completely non-traditional approach he has manged to make it to the top.  How does he do it?

Grizzly knows how Google works.  He can think like Google.  He does not care about having a great website, or people thinking of him as an authority.  All he cares about is making money online.  So he focuses specifically on Google and does whatever necessary to make money with it.  The best way to describe it is that he understands the underlying principle of Google and exploits it.  He focuses in on the fundamental principles of Google and does whatever necessary to make money.  He knows how to force Google to put him at the top.

The great part is that he does not keep it a secret.  If you read all his long well written posts, he reveals exactly how he does it.  You need to read a little between the lines – but it is there.  And his proof is not in words, but in results.  Do a search for ‘make money online’ and there he is – on the top.  He knows what he is doing.

How Am I Going To Get To The Top?

It is not going to be easy.  Both of the above examples are smart people.  Masters in their art.  They have completely different approaches, but both successful. 

My approach will be to learn from both.  Not to copy their approaches exactly, but to combine the two.  To mix the two approaches into a new hybrid approach.  Have a traditional website – brick and mortar, well built, organized and pleasing to the eye; patiently become a authority in the field and gain people’s trust.  But also not ignore what Grizzly has to say,  his approach is untraditional but cannot be dismissed.

Hopefully, by taking bits and pieces from the people at the top.  Combining it in a new way and creating something new, I can acheive my goal and become a member of the Top 5 club for ‘make money online website’.

To find out how this post will help me towards my goal please see post How to Make Money With Jesus.

  1. Lebowski
    May 5th, 2009 at 01:16 | #1

    Your entire supposition is based on the assertion that a super human ultra brilliant thinker, orator, writer, teacher, philosopher and scientist really existed in ancient Greece. Aristotle is presented to us as an expert on everything from the soul, government, poetry, rhetoric, astronomy, anatomy, dreams, the weather, memory and even the gait of animals of all things. How in the world did one guy find the time to study, think about, contemplate, learn about, teach and write about all these separate topics in the stone age without the benefit of modern technology. Even today such a feet of writing and study would be considered impossible.

    I think a more likely scenario is that there is no such thing as a super human with all these capabilities whose much smarter and better organized than the rest of us. Perhaps, there existed a priesthood in Aristotle’s day that already had this information and decided that they wanted to dish some of it to the masses, whom they call the “its”. But of course, wishing to remain hidden they simply wrote under a pseudonym and/or selected one of their orphan boys to dish out the info under the guise of a superhuman philosopher. Since the priests knew that they were living in the age of Aries and they gave this character the name “Aries-toteteles”, the speaker of Aries.

    With this method, the priests accomplished several things. Firstly, they dished out the info that they deemed the its (the masses, the sheep) should have, secondly, they remained hidden and out of public view and scrutiny and thirdly, they could prop up one it (sheep, slave) and make the other its feel small and insignificant because they weren’t as smart and this super brain that wrote all these books.

    Another thing that the priests could do is trick us into working harder. Instead of us just relaxing in the Sun eating fruit and watching the waves the priests convinced us that we must have a “goal” in life and that we must do something. The priests wanted to get the its off their asses to start working and “accomplish” some “goal”. After all, look at all the great books Aristotle wrote just because he had “goals” in life. The priests simply dished out this crap about goals just to get us to work harder and feed the system that was supporting the priesthood and their extravagant lifestlye. It’s a brilliant trick, especially if your dumb enough to fall for it.

  2. roman
    May 8th, 2009 at 09:41 | #2

    Ok…I guess that is possible. So in your case replace Aristotle with ‘the priests’. They set up goals and they accomplished them.

  3. Lebowski
    May 8th, 2009 at 15:52 | #3

    Your blog suggests that we should follow Aristoteles’ advice since he is a great thinker. The presumption that he is a great thinker is based upon his works and the fact that he came up with those works and ideas alone. I would agree that if Aristotle had learned and postulated all those ideas on his own then he should be respected and revered because that’s a great accomplishment for one man. However, if this is simply the work of many men then there’s no reason to consider it a great accomplishment. For many scribes and priests to copy information down from archives is nothing special. The archives are the combined thoughts of countless men and the scribes and speechwriters are also many men working. If the work of many men is put together and presented as the work of one man then that one man will appear to be great and hence people will follow and respect him. But he is a false idol and moreover a reasonable man should be weary of the information that’s presented under his name because it’s done under a false pretense and hence by people with malevolent intent.

    For example, let’s assume a newly hired professor at a university starts giving world class lectures. He recites the greatest poetry, instantly quotes the greatest people and spouts off detailed scientific facts with ease, and anytime he’s asked a question he answers it perfectly. It’s reasonable to assume that this professor would gain quite the reputation and people would gather from far and away to hear this great man speak. His ability and the shear brilliance of his lectures will automatically bring him influence and respect. He could and would then use that respect to forward political and philosophical ideas and since he’s respected, people would consider and perhaps agree with his philosophies and political opinions, just on the basis of the fact that he appears intelligent on so many other topics. Now, lets assume that it’s found out that he actually had an earphone in this ear the whole time and that he had a staff of orators, speechwriters and scientists all with access to wikipedia feeding him data and answers the whole time. What are we to think of this great professor now, once this information is revealed. Sure the scientific facts he quoted and the poems he recited we all factual and interesting but it’s nothing special once we find out that he just got them from wikipedia through his earphone. And moreoever, what do we make of his philosophies and political ideas, the ones he started spewing off after his trickery gained him respect and fame. Are we still to respect and revere those ideas as those of a great mind? Would it not be wise to discard those philosophies or at least re-examine them in light of the fact that he was neither brilliant nor trustworthy?

    I submit that Ariestoteles is more than likely a mouthpiece as in the example above. And since the information that is being presented under his name is being forwarded by deceptive people, it should be viewed with caution, skepticism and critical thinking.

  4. May 15th, 2009 at 15:03 | #4

    Regardless if Aristotle was a mouthpiece for deceptive people, it does not change the fact that making goals for yourself is a good idea. If Aristotle said it or a bunch of evil priests who want to rule the world said it does not make a difference.

    Setting goals is good – it helps. Donald Trump also believes in setting goals and he is a very successful person. Of course you can claim that Donald is a mouthpiece but that does not change the fact that he sets goals and is successful.

    Unless you are claiming that setting goals has no benefits then I do no see what your argument is. Are you claiming that setting goals has no value and that it is simply a tool by ‘those in control’ to control the people? By setting goals you become a sheep of the master Shepard. If this is your claim then all I can say is, riiiiiiiiiight (as I roll my eyes).

  5. Lebowski
    May 16th, 2009 at 00:55 | #5

    What is your definition of successful? In my view, an ideal life is to be on good terms with everyone that you know, to love your family and to be content with yourself and your environment. Are goals necessary for that? I don’t think so, if anything, goals distract you from what’s really important and they encourage you only to focus on the number of zeros in your bank account.

    On what basis is Donald Trump anymore successful then you or I? Have you ever met Donald Trump and gotten to know his character and how he feels about his life? Is his life experience anymore interesting, satisfying or important than ours? Does he experience joy and happiness more than we do? Who knows, for me, he’s just an image on TV. I’ve never met the guy and I’m not going to try to emulate or respect his lifestyle or value his opinion anymore than I would that of my neighbors. In fact, I’d value my neighbor’s opinion more because I can met him face-to-face and speak to him directly. I’d like to speak to Donald Trump directly so I can get to know him and listen to his thoughts as I’m sure he has some unique insights, but so far in my life Donald Trump is just an image that’s presented to me via producers, publishers and scriptwriters. I don’t know the real Donald Trump nor anything about his life or his personal insights. Like you said in one of your previous posts, Mickey Mouse is a great character, but at the end of the day, he’s just a regular guy in a suit.

    Look within yourself for answers. Forget these “heros” and supposedly “great” men that are presented in front of you to emulate and worship. By respecting an image on TV or a character in a book we’re no different than the primitives who bow in the face of an idol doll that the priests lift above their heads.

  6. May 16th, 2009 at 08:36 | #6

    True, there are many definition of success. But since this is a website about performance based financial success – success is defined as financial success. This website succeeds if it makes money and fails if it does not.

    If this was a website about fishing then success would mean something else – the number of fish you can catch. A successful person would be one who can catch lots of fish.

    Donald Trump is a success because he is able to perform actions that make him a lot of money. This website would be a success if it could perform some action that would make it a lot of money.

    Your statement about ‘look within yourself for answers” is interesting. That is from Star Wars right? Luke tells Vader to “Search your feelings, father. You can’t do this. I feel the conflict within you. Let go of your hate.” Vader replies, “It is too late for me, son. The Emperor will show you the true nature of the Force. He is your master now.”

    It is too late for me, I cannot simply search myself for truth. I was able to do that when I was 5 years old. Now it is too late…I must seek the truth elsewhere. The world and all its people are my master now.

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