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Charley Parkhurst was a wild west bad ass. He was a stagecoach driver during the 1850’s gold rush in California. He spit tobacco, smoked, drank and was a private man of few raspy words. Kicked in the face by a horse, he had only one eye and a jarred scar across the face. Not a pretty sight, but if you needed to make the San Jose to Santa Cruz stage run then ‘One Eyed Charlie’ was the man for the job.

There was just one problem with this man of men. On his death bed and in his birthday suit the mourners noticed that he was missing more then just one eye. He was a she.

Throughout her life Charley had to do a lot of work to hid her secret. But thanks to the internet you do not have to get kicked in the head by a horse to appear like a man.

Why is Your Blog The Same Sex as You?

You made a choice that you are probably not aware of. You are the same sex on your blog as you are on the toilet.

If you use your real name then you give your sex away instantly. And if you use a unisex name like ‘Admin’ then you reveal yourself away by your point of view.

Let’s not get scholarly, let’s just admit it. Women and men have different points of view. For most blogs you can tell whether the writer is male or female. Either they give it away directly by stating their sexual point of view or indirectly by writing ‘don’t you hate it when you walk over a manhole and the updraft flings your skirt over your face’.

By admitting your sex you lose an exciting opportunity for something that you cannot do in live relationships. You can change your sex.

A Sex Change Is Exciting For You

Besides what you do in the privacy of your bedroom, when else do you have the opportunity to be the other sex.

You are probably bored of your sexual point of view. It’s the same you have had all your life. By changing sex new life emerges in your writing. You see new things. You are more conscious of your words. You have to think like the other sex thinks.

A Sex Change Is Exciting For Your Readers

For example. In a world where the majority of sports writers are male it is easy to get lost in the crowd if you are a male writer and virtually ignored if you are female writer. Sad but true. But a female writing as a male has a big advantage. She gets to ‘join the club’ of male writers and is guaranteed to have a different point of view. A wolf walking amongst dogs.

Sport readers tired of the man’s perspective but too prideful to read the woman’s will find solace in your writing. They will not figure out exactly why your writing is different, but it is – it has to be – you are a women and your audience thinks you are a man.

Is Having A Sex Change Honest?

Is it honest that you spatter your sentences with fuc#s and shi#s around your friends, but utter nothing but please and thanks at your grandmother’s birthday party?

Is it honest that you watch football with your boyfriend and bat your eyes with interest during his play-by-play commentary, but lecture your little brother on how he is wasting time watching numbskulls chase a stupid ball around?

You are a multi shaded person. For each relationship you reveal a different hue. Nobody sees the real you – they see the side of you that you choose to reveal. The only person that you are completely honest with is yourself. 3:30am, lying on your bed, staring into the ceiling, wondering what your life has become is the real you. Everybody else just gets bits and pieces.

The relationship you have with your blog readers is no different then the relationships you have with friends,family, and foes. Shining different shades of yourself to each of them is not lying. The difference with the internet is that you are not as limited as in face to face relations. On the internet you can decide which sex to shine.

How To Change Your Sex Online

Fortunately it is a lot easier to change your sex online then it was for Charley in the wild west.

It can be something as simple as using a name of the other sex. Your readers will assume your gender is the same as the name’s gender. It’s not your fault that just because your name is Bill “The Big Bone” Smith visitors assume you are male.

If you want to appear male then write like a male. Virginal Woolf provides a clue on how to sound more male, “I detest the masculine point of view. I am bored by his heroism, virtue, and honour. I think the best men can do is not to talk about themselves anymore.” So write about virtue, honour and yourself. Of course these are suggestions, not hard and fast rules.

And finally the appearance of your blog can be used to appear as a specific sex. Rounded corners and bubble gum colors are more female then army colors and sharp edges. Generalizations and stereotypes but effective.

This Post Is Female

Moshe Koppel, Bar-Ilan University in Israel, and Shlomo Argamon, Illinois Institute of Technology created a algorithm for predicting whether a piece of text was written by a male or a female. They argue that depending on your sex you are more likely to use certain words. There is a simplified version of this algorithm online – you can test whether your writing is male or female. I ran this post through the test and, as intended, this post is female.

One Eyed Charlie was a female stagecoach driver in a world where only men can be stagecoach drivers. She did not let her sex dictate her life’s ambitions, there is no reason why you should let your sex dictate your writing. Be whatever sex you want to be.

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