10 Rules This Website Must Follow

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If this website lived in neighborhood then it would be a resident of the the Bronx. The make money online niche is a bad neighborhood.

Pity the country bumpkin who gets off the train in this neighborhood.  Mouth open and wide eyed his attention is easily captured by a psssst from the shadows of a garbage strewn alley. A man in a trench coat appears from behind a dumpster and rolls up his sleeve. 10 shiny watches line his arm. Want a gold watch for $19.99?

People will fall for it the first time, they might fall for it a second time, but not the third time. After being robbed twice they will start wearing a money belt tight around their waist. They will avoid dark alleys and men in trench coats.

Obviously this website is different. In the neighborhood but an exception. An edible apple in a rotten barrel.

My wares are sold from a well lit store. Prices are clearly marked. Merchandise is accurately described. A certificate from the Better Business Bureau hangs on the wall. A chartered accountant comes in once a year to validate the books.

In this neighborhood people are weary of buying anything from anybody. They are skeptical and hesitant. Assume everything is a scam. Trust nobody.

You can trust me. You can trust this website.

For the country bumpkin whom experience turned into a street smart city slicker here are the rules of this website:

  1. This website cannot claim that making money online is easy.
  2. There cannot be pictures of money. No images of dollar bills, no open potato sacks overflowing with coins, no pots of gold.
  3. No exclamation points. Ever.
  4. The sentence, ‘work from the comfort of your living room’ cannot be used.
  5. Money is not allowed move. No fast money. No quick money.
  6. You must be allowed all the time you want. The following calls to action are not permitted: Act Now, Don’t Delay, Hurry Before its Gone, Limited Time Offer, One Time Offer, Only 2 Days Remaining.
  7. This website is not allowed to force you into action by placing the sentence, ‘Now its Your Turn’ above a Pay Now button.
  8. This website is not allowed to break basic economic priciples. It cannot claim that you can make $5000 working 3 hours a week.
  9. This website cannot claim: ‘I was just like you until I found the secret to making money online’. The word secret is not allowed.
  10. This website must not exaggerate how much it cares about you. It can provide you with information but it cannot claim to care about you or your well being. Are you rich or poor, happy or sad – this website does not care.

  1. November 26th, 2010 at 15:50 | #1

    Hello Roman, I like to chance onto other people with a don’t give up attitude. I just read about you on problogger and had to check you out. I am glad you are making money now with your post card idea (good job dude}. I really believe you are going to make it to the number one spot.

  2. roman
    November 26th, 2010 at 17:48 | #2

    Hello Eugene, thanks for stopping by and leaving compliments. I think with your believing and me working like a donkey, I will make it to the number one spot (or at least top 5).

    By the way, the ‘don’t give up attitude’ is not there because I think that one day I will succeed, it is there because I do not want to throw away all that I have put into it already. Its easy to give up in the first few months, but it is impossible to give up after 18 months. I heard that Edison tried 1000 filiments for the lightbulb before he found one that worked. Edison might have given up after trying 3 filiments, but there is no way he was going to give up after trying 999.

  3. January 11th, 2011 at 21:04 | #3

    I much appreciate the rules above, because people who do these things insult my intelligence and defeat their chances of getting me as a customer. Except, I can withstand one or two exclamation points per page! And I do enjoy ‘comfort of my couch in the basement!’

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