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Make A Dollar A Day Website

March 28th, 2011

Somewhere in the recesses of your mind you have the goal of making a lot of money with your website.  But because you are a realistic person, for now,  your goal is to simply make one dollar a day.

A dollar a day is a modest and reasonable goal.

It also an exciting goal.  Imagine falling asleep on the couch with an empty ice-cream bowl on your gut and your site earns you dollar.  Passive income is a magical thing – even when it is just a dollar.  You live your life and your site makes you money.   It feels like free money.

Your goal is to create a website that works for you.  A site that works 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.  It works when you are having dinner, when you are walking the dog,  it works when you are doing nothing at all.

A measly dollar a day – how hard can that be?

How Long Does It Take To Make A Dollar A Day

Not to brag, but I just reached the goal of a dollar a day.  I set this goal two years ago.  At the time I believed it to be a silly and simple goal – a goal for the sake of having a goal.  Start at a dollar a day and then move up from there.  I can now say with no exaggeration that I have never worked so hard for a dollar.

Due to the nature of my site, I keep track of a lot of statistics.  Besides keeping track of how many visitors I receive and how many pages they view per visit, I also keep keep track of how many hours I have worked on my website.

To reach my goal of a dollar a day I slaved for 705 hours.  Slaved, because before I reached this goal I was working for less then a dollar a day.  705 actual work hours – hours spent in front of the computer pecking at the keyboard.  705 does not include the countless hours gazing out the window hoping a post idea surfaces in my head, or the number of hours I have spent staring at a blank page.  They are 705 hours of moving the mouse and clicking keys.

Two years ago when I set the goal it did not seems daunting, after all, it is just a dollar.  A dollar a day seems like a natural starting point.  In blogging forums you see it often, something like, “I just started blogging, I am still learning, I would be happy with just a dollar a day”

The fact is that it is not just a dollar a day.  It is a tough goal.  Most bloggers never reach it.

Fortunately The First Dollar Is The Toughest

Do not be discouraged if you are not earning a dollar a day.  A personal investment planner will warn you that the first million is the hardest.  In the blogging world the first dollar a day is the hardest.  If you are struggling to make that dollar find solace in the fact that you are not alone.

Regardless how long it takes and the hoops you need to jump, once you reach the first dollar you can be certain that the following dollars will be a lot easier.

Once you achieve the goal you will certainly have the following personal traits:

  • Patience.  It might take two years to reach this goal.
  • Persistence.  Lot of things will not work before you find the few that do.
  • Solid understanding.  You have a blog full of quality content, you have made many online friends and contacts, you know the difference between search engine traffic and social traffic.
  • Not blogging just for the money.  Spending all your free time and effort for a dollar a day is a clear indication that you are not motivated only by money – this is good because at the beginning the money will not motivate you.

How long does it take to make a dollar a day?  It could be six months, a year, or like me it could take two years.  The good news is that once your goal of a dollar a day is reached you are well on your way to earning two dollars a day.

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Why This Website Is Not Making Money Now

November 2nd, 2010
Banana Monkey

There are 1000’s of websites about making money online. But only a thimble full make more then a few dollars a day. The rest make pennies and dimes – this website is one of them.

There is a good reason why there are hoards of websites about making money. People learn about making money online from make money online websites. Their eyes twirl as they read about how easy it is to make a website, how easy it is to make money, how great life is online.

Without taking a deep breath, without stepping back and thinking, they create a website. And what better topic then the one they are currently excited and passionate about – how to make money online. This is exactly what happened to me.

Monkeys learn how to use sticks by watching other monkeys use sticks. I like bananas. I discovered making money online from a make money online website. So what did I do after I finished my banana? I made a website about making money online.

2 years later and I have not made enough money to buy a year pass at the zoo. This website has netted a profit of $98.

It is absurd – after 2 years of attempting and failing, I am still at it.

Why do I continue this charade of teaching people how to be like me. Who would want to be like me? Who would want to follow in my footsteps? After visiting this website why would anybody want to listen to what I say or buy what I sell. This website is a sham – it attempts to teach what it does not know.

How successful can a math teacher be if they can’t factor a quadratic? Can an obese man sell a diet program? How successful can a website about making money be if it is not making any money?

I should admit it. I made a mistake. I got excited and jumped without looking. Make a website about making money without making a money with a website – absolutely ridiculous.

I must of fallen off the tree and hit my head. Why do I persist dolling out information about a topic I obviously know nothing about? What motivates me to continue?

Stubbornness. I know I am not making any money. I know that people should ignore me. I know that the whole concept is absurd.

But I keep going.

I cannot quit now. I have put in too much work and I have learnt too much. There is no way I am going to throw it all away. Stubbornness makes this website possible.

How This Website Will Make Money Later

On my wall, tacked beside the monitor is a piece of paper which reminds me in big letters:

  • Don’t rush
  • Real people are reading what you are writing
  • Become an expert

This website does not make any money now. Obviously. It is not plastered with advertisements. And I am not pushing products. How could it make money.

I am not trying to make money now. I am creating a website that will make money in the future. Right now the focus is content. There is no way for a website to start making money out of the gate. First you need to build something, and then you can start making money. Now I am building.

Once it is built the focus will shift to making money.

First build the store, stock it with goods, attract customers, and then and only then make sales. Right now I am writing content and attracting customers. Making sales is the last step, the one that I have not started yet.

When this website finally does start making money the true value of this website will be revealed. It will show how you cannot make money without content. It will show the process that one must go through to make money. It will show the hard times, the long struggle, the uphill climb, the truth.

People will ask. How do websites make money? This website will be ready and waiting with the answer years in the making. This is when dimes will turn to dollars.

If you are reading this blog you are probably not making too much money either.  You want to know how.  The answer:  Be stubborn and keep  building – the money comes later.

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