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Why Is This Website Mailing Postcards?

January 14th, 2011

This website will try anything to make money.

The most common approaches are already covered:

  • Advertising. Create content and place ads around the content. The idea is that while people are reading the great content about how hard it is to make money online, they will glance over and see an ad stating they can make a thousand dollars overnight. They click the ad and leave this website for greener pastures – this website makes a few dollars.
  • Product Sales. Create an ebook to sell to visitors. Visitors to this site are looking to make money with a website. They want to know how. So, for $49 dollars they can purchase a website starter kit, that will get them well on their way.
  • Affiliate Sales: Visitors to this site either have a website or will have one in the near future. They need a web hosting service to serve their website to the internet public. So, spattered throughout this website are links to a hosting company that has agreed to pay this website when somebody purchases their services.

Everybody attempting to make money with a website is doing these things in one form or another. And that is the problem.

I am forced to ask myself: Would anybody notice if this website disappeared?

The answer is a blunt NO. If I selected all the files of this website and pressed the delete button the only watery eyes would be my own. The world will continue. A few people will gain a broken link in their favorites folder and Google will need to remove this website from its index, but ignoring these minor inconveniences nothing would change.

If this website dies, there are thousands ready and waiting to take its place. This website is just a plate at the buffet – take one from the stack and another one instantly pops up to take its place.

This website is not changing the world, it is not impacting peoples lives. True, it provides amazing intellectual insights and mental stimulus for its readers, but it does not impact them where it matters – the gut and in the heart.

To make this website matter it needs to have an impact on peoples lives. It needs to participate in the human condition. It needs to make people laugh, cry, love and hate. These feelings are the essence of existence – the meaning of live. They are what make us hug, hold hands, dance, make love and shoot each other. To make this website matter it needs to cause emotions in people.

To impact lives on a heart and gut level this website now offers a new tool that has the potential to solve problems that we as humans face each and every day. Problems that cause us worry, anxiety, pain and suffering. By providing a tool to solve these problems this website is bringing happiness to the world.

This website now enables visitors to send postcards from Prague to anybody in the world.

Sending a Postcard From Prague Solves People Problems

What heart and gut problems can you solve right now by mailing a postcard? Here are some common examples:

You Need To Show Your Wife That You Were Thinking Of Her
You and your good time buddies went to Prague for a week. It was the best bachelor party you ever had. Cheap beer and authorities turn a blind eye to prostitution. Every night was a drunken stupor falling from bar to bar, throwing money at alcohol found in beer mugs and mini-skirts. What a good time, what a riot!

On the airplane flight home you are suddenly struck by a terrible realisation. With all the excitement you forgot to send your beloved wife a postcard. You promised to send her a postcard from Prague. You bite your nails and look out the window – what are you going to do?.

You need to send a postcard. Pay this website four dollars US and address the postcard to your wife. When you arrive home, after all the obligatory hugs and kisses, sit in front of your computer and send a postcard from this website. A few days later your wife will receive a postcard from Prague with a beautiful message about how vacationing is not the same without her, you miss her, and you cannot wait to be in her arms again. As she covers you with kisses and praises you can mutter out-load at your displeasure with the mail system for taking so long to deliver a postcard you sent during your first day in Prague.

You Need To Make Your Mother Worry
Has your mother been pissing you off lately? Making you sandwiches but always ‘forgetting’ that you hate cheese – how many times do you need to tell her not to put cheese in your sandwiches? Does she constantly annoy you by hovering around picking up your clothes from the floor while you talk to your friends on the phone?

You need to send her a postcard. Pay this website four dollars US and address the postcard to your mother. A few days later your mother will receive a postcard from Prague with the following message: “Hello Mother, I know this will make you upset but I really wanted to go. Bobby has a cousin that lives in Prague and he said we could stay at his house for week. I knew you would say no, so I had to leave without telling you. Do not worry about me, I am having a great time. I will be back on Friday. Love, Timmy”

You Need To Make Your X Think You Are Out Of The Country
You just broke up with your girlfriend of five years. You found another who is taller and who whole heartily appreciates your baseball cap collection.

The problem is that conflict makes you squirm and seeing people cry makes you uncomfortable. So even though you are broken up with your x, she is not aware of it because you did not tell her. For you the best approach is to sneak around, not answer the door and let the phone ring when she calls. Your hope is that she will figure it out and leave you alone.

But she is not figuring it out – she keeps trying to contact you.

You need to send her a postcard. Pay this website four dollars US and address the postcard to your x. Use the postcard to break up with her. Tell her you moved to Prague. Tell her that you need to find yourself – its not her its you. You have moved to Prague to start a new life and figure out what the meaning of everything. All the best, good luck, it was fun while it lasted.

You Need A Friend
For reasons you cannot understand you have no friends. Nobody likes to be around you and your pleas for friendship are left unanswered. Every night is a lonely night. You try talking to the dog, but he just perks his ears up and thinks you are going to talk him for another sad stroll in the park.

You need to send yourself a postcard. Pick a picture that you think you will enjoy. Write yourself a poem about how special you are, how unique you are, how you could not imagine life without yourself. Pay this website 4 dollars US and a few days later a postcard will arrive specifically for you. Just imagine how happy that will make you.

You Need To Tell Somebody The Truth Anonymously
You go to work five days a week. Everyone of those days is spent sitting at your desk. Due to cost cutting at your company, offices are small and you are forced to share the office with another person. It is a tight fit, but you have managed to arrange the desks and chairs giving each of you a comfortable amount of personal space.

The problem is that your office-mate’s body odor is pungent enough to transgress the distance. The stench starts around 10am – that is when it first hits your nose. For the next hour you get little hits of it when he stretches or reaches for the phone. Then it gets worse. The small office acts like a greenhouse trapping the odor – by the afternoon you are surrounded by a tear jerking fog of stench. For three years you have suffered in silence, but now there is a solution.

You need to send your co-worker a postcard. Pay this website four dollars US and address the website to your stinky office-mate. Do not sign it and send it to his home address. The message will be simple: “Because you stink, others suffer. Please include deodorant as part of your morning routine.” He might suspect it was you who wrote it, but he will never be sure.

What problem can you solve today by sending a postcard from Prague?

Mail Prague Postcard

Making More Money Online, Optimistic and Motivational

Why This Website Is Not Making Money Now

November 2nd, 2010
Banana Monkey

There are 1000’s of websites about making money online. But only a thimble full make more then a few dollars a day. The rest make pennies and dimes – this website is one of them.

There is a good reason why there are hoards of websites about making money. People learn about making money online from make money online websites. Their eyes twirl as they read about how easy it is to make a website, how easy it is to make money, how great life is online.

Without taking a deep breath, without stepping back and thinking, they create a website. And what better topic then the one they are currently excited and passionate about – how to make money online. This is exactly what happened to me.

Monkeys learn how to use sticks by watching other monkeys use sticks. I like bananas. I discovered making money online from a make money online website. So what did I do after I finished my banana? I made a website about making money online.

2 years later and I have not made enough money to buy a year pass at the zoo. This website has netted a profit of $98.

It is absurd – after 2 years of attempting and failing, I am still at it.

Why do I continue this charade of teaching people how to be like me. Who would want to be like me? Who would want to follow in my footsteps? After visiting this website why would anybody want to listen to what I say or buy what I sell. This website is a sham – it attempts to teach what it does not know.

How successful can a math teacher be if they can’t factor a quadratic? Can an obese man sell a diet program? How successful can a website about making money be if it is not making any money?

I should admit it. I made a mistake. I got excited and jumped without looking. Make a website about making money without making a money with a website – absolutely ridiculous.

I must of fallen off the tree and hit my head. Why do I persist dolling out information about a topic I obviously know nothing about? What motivates me to continue?

Stubbornness. I know I am not making any money. I know that people should ignore me. I know that the whole concept is absurd.

But I keep going.

I cannot quit now. I have put in too much work and I have learnt too much. There is no way I am going to throw it all away. Stubbornness makes this website possible.

How This Website Will Make Money Later

On my wall, tacked beside the monitor is a piece of paper which reminds me in big letters:

  • Don’t rush
  • Real people are reading what you are writing
  • Become an expert

This website does not make any money now. Obviously. It is not plastered with advertisements. And I am not pushing products. How could it make money.

I am not trying to make money now. I am creating a website that will make money in the future. Right now the focus is content. There is no way for a website to start making money out of the gate. First you need to build something, and then you can start making money. Now I am building.

Once it is built the focus will shift to making money.

First build the store, stock it with goods, attract customers, and then and only then make sales. Right now I am writing content and attracting customers. Making sales is the last step, the one that I have not started yet.

When this website finally does start making money the true value of this website will be revealed. It will show how you cannot make money without content. It will show the process that one must go through to make money. It will show the hard times, the long struggle, the uphill climb, the truth.

People will ask. How do websites make money? This website will be ready and waiting with the answer years in the making. This is when dimes will turn to dollars.

If you are reading this blog you are probably not making too much money either.  You want to know how.  The answer:  Be stubborn and keep  building – the money comes later.

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