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Are You Without A Big Vision? You’re Screwed

July 8th, 2011

Definition: Big vision is what forces you to continue in the morning even though you quit the night before.

Do you think that simply by making a website, filling it with content and promoting it you will have a successful online business?  No way, it’s not going to happen like that.

Here is how it’s going to happen: First you will be excited.  You will wake up early and go to bed late.  You won’t be hungry and Friday nights will be spent in front of the computer.  You will work and work like a donkey.  You will keep pushing yourself – a few more web pages, a logo, an AdSense account.

Your website is done.

Next stage: you promote.  Join forums and leave what seem like hundreds of comments on countless blogs.  You follow everybody who lets you and have more followers than Moses.  You are a machine.

You are ready for the money to start rolling in.

A few days pass – nothing.  A few weeks pass – nothing.  For a while you assume your email account is not working but after a few tests you confirm it works fine.  You scratch your head, where are the visitors, where are the emails, where is the money?  What happened?

What happened is that you are an Entrepreneur.

It Is Difficult To Be An Entrepreneur – Nobody Believes in New Ideas

There are three categories of people in the business world: people who want, people who make, and people that bring these two together.  You are the third type – you are an entrepreneur.

Your job  as an entrepreneur  is to find people that want something, find people that can produce it, and then make everything work so that the two of them have a mutually beneficial relationship.  When everybody is happy you get paid for setting the whole thing up.

For example, with a website your job as an entrepreneur is to find a problem people have, find (or make) a website which solves the problem and finally get the people with the problem to visit the website.  When it works everybody is happy.  People’s problems are solved and you get paid by monetizing the website.

It sounds easy, but as every entrepreneur quickly finds out – it is one of the hardest jobs in the world.

Being a entrepreneur is about trying new ideas.  But new ideas have resistance.

Your friends will support you at the beginning but when it take longer than it should your friends will urge you to give up.  When you have worked countless hours and see no results you will feel like giving up.   You will start to doubt yourself.  You will start to ask, if it is such a good idea why has nobody thought of it before, if its such a good idea why is it taking so long to become successful.

An entrepreneur must struggle through a lot of doubt and negative feedback.  When success is taking a lot longer than you expect and everybody around you is telling you to quit you need something that will force you to keep going.

Without A Big Vision You Will Quit

Adam Toren and Matthew Toren started being entrepreneurs before either of them were ten years old.  Since then they have had many successful business ventures ranging from importing stereo equipment to refurbishing and rebranding a pool hall.  They made money, but more importantly they gained a lot of experience.

They recently come out with a new book: Small Business, Big Vision.  They have this to say about an entrepreneur’s need to have a big vision:

“Every single person who launches and develops a business faces obstacles and challenges along the way – period.  There are no exceptions.  You, too, will come up against opposition in many forms, often even from within your own head.  And all the tricks, tools and action steps in the world – no matter how sound they may be – won’t help you one bit if you don’t have the right outlook and strong, clear vision.”

A big clear vision is what gets you through the rough patches along the way.  You need a big vision to push you forward when everything is pushing you back.

As a entrepreneur you are walking through uncharted fields.  There are no clear signposts along the way and no indications on how much farther you have to go.  You must simply believe and keep going forward.

A big vision helps you move forward.  Adam and Matthew describe the big vision as “that picture in your mind of future possibilities”.  Every entrepreneur has a big vision, it comes naturally, it is the reason you to make that extra effort to succeed.  Some people watch TV and go to bed but an entrepreneur will wake up early, go to bed late, and work and work like a a donkey – all for the big vision to come true.

My big vision is to wake up every morning, eager for the day ahead, able to do what what I love doing. Without this vision I  would of quit this website a  long time ago.

Have a big vision, without it you’re screwed.

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Why Most Backlinks Are Worthless And More Questions Answered

February 3rd, 2011

Somewhere in San Diego is a community college.   In that college are students taking a class about eCommerce and Dreamweaver.  Some of the students are looking at this website.  One of the students sent me an email with questions. 

They are good questions, here are the answers:

Question 1 – How Many Backlinks Do You Really Have?

In a blog entry you mention that you have 12 backlinks, but according to (some source) you have way more than that.  Why the discrepancy? 

Not all backlinks are created equal.  By checking my backlinks in Yahoo with  Yahoo Site Explorer I can see that this website has a total of 295 backlinks.  It seems like a lot, but in fact most of them are useless. 

When I leave a comment on another blog a backlink is created.  When I write a comment in a forum a backlink is created.  When I enter the website URL in stats guessing website like  a backlink is created.  Of course these kind of backlinks are worthless.

These backlinks might bring a few visitors who are interested in my comments on a blog or a forum but in terms of my search engine traffic they add no value.  They are worthless is because these are backlinks that I created myself with very little effort.  And if I create them myself with little effort so does everybody else for their websites. 

Backlinks worth is directly proportional to the difficulty of getting the backlink.  Imagine it this way:

  1. 2 websites start with 0 backlinks – Google views these websites as equal.
  2. Because it is easy the webmaster of each website leaves a comment on a Problogger post and creates a backlink.  Now both websites have 1 backlink each.  Google still views these websites as equal because they both have the same backlink, the backlinks cancel each other out.
  3. But then one of the webmasters spend a week writing a great post.  The content is so good that Oprah Winfrey links to the post.  This backlink has value because it a backlink that the other website does not have and cannot get easily.  Google will now view the website with the Oprah Winfrey backlink as the better website.

This is a simplified view but it makes the point.  For any backlink ask: how difficult is the backlink to get?  If it is easy to get then assume everybody has it also – so it cancels out and is worthless.  The valuable backlinks are those that few people have because they are difficult to get.  It is easy to write in your resume that you are a great person, but if you want your resume to stand out get a reference letter from Oprah Winfrey stating you are great person.

There are companies that offer 1000 backlinks for $9.99.  If it was really that easy this website would of been successful 2 years ago.  Why would anybody spend countless hours creating quality content for a single good backlinks if for $9.99 (you can make that flipping burgers for 1 hour) you can have 1000 backlinks.  The answer – the 1000 backlinks are worthless.

Yahoo states that this website have 295 backlinks – but 283 of them are backlinks that everybody else has.  The only good backlinks this website has are the ones I had to work for.  For example I currently have 9 backlinks from guest posts on other blogs and 3 from websites that backlink to this website because they think it is a great website.  These are the types of backlinks that matter and the only ones I care about.  That is why this website has only 12 backlinks.

Question 2 – How Do You Update All Those Webpages?

You have a lot of webpages.  It is a lot of work to do global updates on the entire website? 

By last count there are 64 webpages on this website.  Fortunately this website was created with Dreamweaver because without Dreamweaver making changes to the website would be nightmare.

With Dreamweaver I created a template page.  The template contains all the sections of the website that are identical on every page.  Every page on this website has the same layout, header, and main navigation.  So when I need to make a change to the header all I do is make the change in the template – as soon as I make the change on the template Dreamweaver makes sure the change is updated on every page.

Dreamweaver also keeps track of the internal links.  So if I rename a page, move a page, or delete a page, Dreamweaver lets me know that links will be effected and offers to make the appropriate updates to the links. 

For these two reasons alone I cannot imagine managing a large website without Dreamweaver (or any other website management software).

With a large website it is also mandatory to use CSS.  The look and feel of the entire website is managed from a single CSS file.  Simply by making a tiny change in this file I can change the appearance of the entire website.  For example, if I want to change the heading colors from green to blue then I update the ‘<h3>’ CSS value to blue.  Instantly by making that single change all the headings on the website will be blue.

CSS is a must.  Without it the website would be a total mess.  Without it, if I wanted to change the color of the heads I would need to update every page manually – not only would it take time, but I would certainly miss a couple pages.  After a few updates like this every page on the website would look different.  With CSS you ensure that every page looks the same. 

With Dreamweaver and CSS I can completely change the appearance of the website – new logo, font size, heading colors, background color, layout etc in 10 minutes.  The advantages of Dreamweaver and CSS far outweighs the drawback of having to spend the time to learn how to use them.  Time and money spent learning Dreamweaver and CSS is time and money well invested.

Question 3 – Do You Use A Programmer?

For the Problogger Comments analysis post – how did you gather all that data?

With this website I make almost enough money to buy a coffee in the morning.  Unfortunately my body requires that I provide it with more amenities then just coffee, so I have a day job.  My employer pays me for my programming abilities. 

For almost all cases, programming is not necessary to create a website.  But sometimes it comes in handy.  The Problogger analysis posts are a good example where programming skills was a good thing to have.

In the Problogger posts I went through all the commenters on Problogger and performed a statistical analysis on how commentors on Problogger improve their odds of succeeding simply by commenting.  I could of spent weeks going through all the comments cutting and pasting the commenters into a spreadsheet but that would of been insane.  Instead I wrote a little script that goes through the Problogger posts and gathered the information for me.  The script took 3 hours to write and ran for about 5 minutes.

Another example of using my programming abilities for this website is the money number on the main page.  As you might of noticed the main page has a big number that emerges when you load the page. 

How much money does this website make?

Although nobody has asked me how it works, I will tell you anyway.  In Photoshop I manually created an image for every number between 0 and 9.  For every number I created 15 shades ranging from black to barely visible.  In total there are (10*15) 150 individual images.  Then I wrote a script that takes a number, for example 806.69, and combines the individual images into a single animated gif.

Without programming the number on the main screen would not exist, the traffic and revenue graphs would not exist, the Problogger posts would not exist, and my day job would be flipping burgers at McDonald’s. 

All these things are possible without programming – every couple weeks I could spend Saturday manually creating the number and the graphs.  And on Sunday I can cut the lawn with scissors. 

Fortunately you do not need to be a programmer if you need a script to perform a mundane and repetitive task for you.  There are lots of people (mostly in India) waiting to help you.  Send them your requirements and in a few days they send you a script.  I have never used them myself but I have heard good things about vworker.

Question 4 – Do Backlinks Bring Traffic?

How Much Traffic Do You Get From Your Backlinks?

As you can see from this graph this website does not get a lot of visitors from referral sites (backlinks):

Website traffic sources

At the beginning all traffic was from backlinks.  At the beginning I left comments on other blogs, visited forums and wrote articles with links back to this website – it was the only way to get traffic.  At the beginning you get no traffic from search engines, the only traffic comes from backlinks and your mother.

The problem with backlink traffic is that it is a lot of work.  Leaving comments, visiting forums and writing articles takes time.  And for the time spent you get few visitors in return.  As an example, I was monitoring Problogger very carefully and watching for a new post so that I could leave the first comment.  I thought – the first comment must get a lot of exposure and therefore lots of people will click the backlink.  Problogger has over 150,000 subscribers, finally with diligence I managed to make the first comment, I received 5 visitors.

The problem with getting traffic from easy backlinks like blog comments or forums is that there are so many of them that people  just do not care.  Problogger has a post a day and every post has at least 50 comments – with so many comments people stop caring and stop visiting the commentor’s website.  Backlinks are not a great source of traffic unless its Opera Winfrey’s website and she is urging her visitors to visit your website. 

As time went on search engine traffic surpassed backlink traffic.  Now most traffic is from search engines.  A backlink’s main function is to please the search engine and not as a source of traffic.  If Oprah mentions your website in a post then you will receive traffic from her website for a couple weeks while the post is on her front page but then the traffic will stop when the post is replaced by newer posts.  But Google will reward you for that backlink for a lot longer.  With a backlink  from Oprah your website could jump in the search results and stay up there for months.

All my guests posts are buried deep in their respective blogs.  I get almost no traffic from older  guest posts – the sun has set on them and are long forgotten.  But Google remembers.  Goggle still sees my guest posts and rewards me by showing this website in search results.

Question 5 – How Are Your Search Rankings Doing?

Blog post from Day 601 talks about the position of ‘How a Website Makes Money’.  At the time is was at 6- where is it now and why?

The keywords for this website are ‘Make Money Website’.  According to the Google keyword tool 27,100 people do search for this term every month.  It is not a lot but if I can get the top spot for this term it would mean almost 1000 visitors a day.

Everyday I check the position of ‘make money website’ in the Google search results.

I picked this term because I use it at a benchmark.  By keeping track where this term is in the search ranks I know how much Google values these keywords for this website.  When I get to the top for this term it will mean that Google considers this website to be about ‘make money website’.  The result will be that not only will I receive traffic for this term, but all the various terms meaning the same thing. 

When this websites ranks high for ‘make money website’ then it will also rank high for similar terms.  The permutations are endless.  As an example this website already ranks quite high for terms, ‘website, much, how, money’.  Here are some of the phrases that people type into their search engine to find this website:

This websites keywords

The higher in the search ranking the term ‘make money website’ goes, the more permutations of these keywords this website will receive.  How do I know?  Because I do a lot of searches to determine my competition.  I constantly search Google for phrases that I want this website to reach the top of – and I always see the same thing.  It is always the same websites that are at the top.  They have strong keywords so they receive the all the permutations of these keywords.  The same website is at the top for ‘make money website’ and for ‘can website make money’.

When I started keeping track of ‘make money website’ this website was in position 738 (page 7 with Google advanced setting of 100 results per page).   That was around a year ago.  Currently this website is somewhere between position 30 and 40.

And what about ‘How a Website Makes Money’  – the main question this website attempts to answer.  On day 601 Google felt this website was the 6th best website to answer the question.  Today, 160 days later, Google thinks this website has the best answer:

How a website makes money Google results

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