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It Is Boring Waiting For The Big Traffic Explosion

October 7th, 2010

Things appear grim.  The last two posts on this blog received no comments.  After almost two years online daily traffic with more then 200 visitors is cause for celebration.  I make more money digging my couch for loose change then I make from this website.

My pillow should be soaked with tears.

But actually, things are going really well.  You can not see it in the money, in the traffic, in the number of RSS subscribers, or in the comments.  It is what is happening under the covers that is interesting.

Mother peeps into Timmy’s bedroom and thinks he is sleeping, but if she pulls the covers she finds a blushing Jenny from Math class – Timmy is wide awake.

If You Do Not Socialize Having a Website Can Be Boring

Nothing exciting is going on – almost boring.  It got to the point were I was sitting at the computer thinking of what to do next.  Twiddle my fingers, look out the window, look at the keyboard.  Nothing happening.

At one point it got desperate.  Sitting at the computer and nothing to do, I almost opened a Twitter account.  Fortunately as soon as I saw the little blue bird I closed the window.  It was a close call.  I quickly left the computer and went to get some air with the dog.

Bored enough to open a Twitter account.  What the hell is going on?

The problem is that ever since the website was designed and completed there has been nothing new to do.  At the beginning everything was fresh and exciting.  Creating a website, learning how, discovering new words: SEO, Webmaster, PageRank, SERPS.  Great stuff.  But when it is done – then what?

After the fun stuff came the monotonous work.  For the previous year and a half it has been always the same:

  1. Write content for the website.
  2. Read old content on website and make edits.
  3. Write guest posts

Writing and edit this website.  Writing for another website.  Same thing over and over again.

Some say.  You need to get out there.  Make friends.  Join social networks, read other blogs, write comments, participate in forums.

I did that.  It was fun for the first 3 months but then it drained me.  Just the thought of opening up the forum and having to read the new entries sucks all my energy.

I never tried Twitter but I am certain that within a few days I would forget about it – just like Facebook.  Fun at first but the shine wears off.  It is people talking, endlessly talking.  Over and over again, same thing round and round.

Now I try to ignore everything in my niche – try to avoid all the chatter.  Every now and then I will have a quick look around just to verify that there is nothing new.  I might leave a comment somewhere but only because I want to, not because I believe it will better this website.

In high school Timmy arrives exactly at the morning bell, sits quietly through class, eats his lunch under the bleachers and heads straight home after the bell.  The endless chatter in the halls drives him insane.

Not that I am a social misfit.  I like people.  I like to help people.  I answer all emails with paragraphs.  I respond to comments directed at me.  There are a couple of bloggers that I exchange emails with.  I do not exist in a cave – I interact. I simply avoid the giddy school girls at a pajama party type socializing.

This website has no Facebook followers.  No twitter followers.  And only 80 very dedicated RSS subscribers.

Some website gage their success by the number of Twitter followers and Facebook friends.  Fortunately this website does not.

Waiting For The Big Traffic Explosion

What is happening under the covers? It is slow going but positive results are coming in.

According to the Google keyword tools there are 110,000 global searches for “website money”.  If I could get on position 1 for those terms then I could potentially get 3500 visitors a day from Google.  The key is to get to position 1 for these terms.

Currently this website is position 13.  Real progress.

Moving from position 70,908 to 13 does not increase my traffic, it does not make me more money, it does not bring fame.  But it is progress.  Position 13 is the same as 70,908 – it is invisible.  Very rarely do search engine users go to the second page.  Beyond page 1 is nothing.  This website is still nothing, but it is moving closer to something.

Only 12 positions to go until the explosion.  If I can get a top 3 spot for these keywords then my traffic will suddenly shoot up.

More progress:  6 months ago this website was nowhere to be found for the term ‘make money website’.  Then it appeared on the radar at position 730.  Then a few months later 380.  Few weeks ago at 120. Now 70 – the 4th O in GOOOOOOOOOGLE.  Still far, far away, but progress.

And some more progress:  The most relevant, ‘how a website makes money’.  Number 7.

So I yawn and:

  1. Write content for the website.
  2. Read old content on website and make edits.
  3. Write guest posts

Optimistic and Motivational, So You Want To Be A Webmaster...Get in my Head

A Successfull Blogger Is Good At Pretending To Care

February 25th, 2010
Old Lady

If an apple falls out of an old ladies bag and rolls down the street stopping at my feet I will bend down, pick it up, and hand it to the lady.  She will smile and say, thank you kind young man.  I will return the smile and move on – she is right, I am a kind young man.

A guy is walking down the street staring at a map and obviously lost.  He looks at me with a face that is a plea for help.  I will look the other way and try to ignore him, making a silent prayer that he does not stop me.  Why should I help him – he should be able to help himself.

I feel the same way about my readers – why should I help them?

I do not possess any need to help people that can help themselves.  The old, the blind, the slow, I will help if forced – if an apple hits my foot.  But everyone else are on their own.  I do not care if somebody is lost or needs a dime, there is no force driving me to help people in need.  If they have a brain, eyes and the major extremities then they should be able to help themselves.

And that is why blogging is difficult.  Blogging  is about giving advice, tips, suggestions and information with the intent of helping the reader.  Provide content that helps readers.  They do not know how to do something – show them how.  They do not know about something new – tell them about it.  They want to be entertained – stand on a beach ball and roll around juggling bananas.  Blogs are not for the blogger, they are for the reader.  You exist to serve the readers.  They should be able to help themselves – but no – they want you to help them.

But honestly, I do not care about the readers.  Besides the couple of visitors that leave comments, I know nothing about the other readers.  There is no connection with them – they are just bodies without souls.  No different then the hundreds of bodies I walk past everyday on the streets.

Do Successful Blogs Truly Care About You?

Successful blogs are run by kind people.  People who care.  Their posts offer free advice in a pleasant and loving way.  The bloggers care about their readers – they want to help.

But do they truly care?  Or are they just good at giving the impression that they care?

Obviously they are just pretending to care and are very good at it.

Just like the vacuum salesman who arrives at your door worried about your children.  You open the door and see a man holding a vacuum and beaming a smile.  You say, hello, may I help you? Suddenly with a  worried look he proclaims:  there are a lot of bacteria in your carpets, bacteria that can make your children sick, your children!  Like you, I care about your children – I do not want them to cough and sniffle,  poor little things.  Please buy this vacuum so that your children will not be sick.

Being a vacuum salesman is difficult.  You have to look sincere when you talk about ‘the children!’.  The best salesman are those that can form a little tear at the edge of their eye as they speak.  How could you say no to somebody caring so much.

You cannot sell vacuums if you do not care about the children.  To be a successful vacuum salesman, I mean blogger, you need to appear like you truly care.  Be kind to your readers.

How To Test Whether a Blogger Truly Cares

Probably there are successful blogger that truly care.  To test whether a blogger really cares is easy.  Write the blogger an email and ask them a question.  Be easy – do not make them work hard.  Ask them something simple like:


I have really enjoy your blog and your style of writing.  Just wondering how long does it take you to write a post?


After you send this email there are three possible outcomes:

  1. No response.  Does not care.
  2. A quick response.  No hello, no punctuation, no capitalization, poor spelling.  For example: it takes 2 hours.  Does not care.
  3. A well formatted email response with greeting, punctuation, correct spelling and capitalization.  Truly cares.

Of course, if you email me my response will belong to the ‘Cares’ category.  But that is only because I am not successful and I need to appear to care even in my emails.

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