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Are You Without A Big Vision? You’re Screwed

July 8th, 2011

Definition: Big vision is what forces you to continue in the morning even though you quit the night before.

Do you think that simply by making a website, filling it with content and promoting it you will have a successful online business?  No way, it’s not going to happen like that.

Here is how it’s going to happen: First you will be excited.  You will wake up early and go to bed late.  You won’t be hungry and Friday nights will be spent in front of the computer.  You will work and work like a donkey.  You will keep pushing yourself – a few more web pages, a logo, an AdSense account.

Your website is done.

Next stage: you promote.  Join forums and leave what seem like hundreds of comments on countless blogs.  You follow everybody who lets you and have more followers than Moses.  You are a machine.

You are ready for the money to start rolling in.

A few days pass – nothing.  A few weeks pass – nothing.  For a while you assume your email account is not working but after a few tests you confirm it works fine.  You scratch your head, where are the visitors, where are the emails, where is the money?  What happened?

What happened is that you are an Entrepreneur.

It Is Difficult To Be An Entrepreneur – Nobody Believes in New Ideas

There are three categories of people in the business world: people who want, people who make, and people that bring these two together.  You are the third type – you are an entrepreneur.

Your job  as an entrepreneur  is to find people that want something, find people that can produce it, and then make everything work so that the two of them have a mutually beneficial relationship.  When everybody is happy you get paid for setting the whole thing up.

For example, with a website your job as an entrepreneur is to find a problem people have, find (or make) a website which solves the problem and finally get the people with the problem to visit the website.  When it works everybody is happy.  People’s problems are solved and you get paid by monetizing the website.

It sounds easy, but as every entrepreneur quickly finds out – it is one of the hardest jobs in the world.

Being a entrepreneur is about trying new ideas.  But new ideas have resistance.

Your friends will support you at the beginning but when it take longer than it should your friends will urge you to give up.  When you have worked countless hours and see no results you will feel like giving up.   You will start to doubt yourself.  You will start to ask, if it is such a good idea why has nobody thought of it before, if its such a good idea why is it taking so long to become successful.

An entrepreneur must struggle through a lot of doubt and negative feedback.  When success is taking a lot longer than you expect and everybody around you is telling you to quit you need something that will force you to keep going.

Without A Big Vision You Will Quit

Adam Toren and Matthew Toren started being entrepreneurs before either of them were ten years old.  Since then they have had many successful business ventures ranging from importing stereo equipment to refurbishing and rebranding a pool hall.  They made money, but more importantly they gained a lot of experience.

They recently come out with a new book: Small Business, Big Vision.  They have this to say about an entrepreneur’s need to have a big vision:

“Every single person who launches and develops a business faces obstacles and challenges along the way – period.  There are no exceptions.  You, too, will come up against opposition in many forms, often even from within your own head.  And all the tricks, tools and action steps in the world – no matter how sound they may be – won’t help you one bit if you don’t have the right outlook and strong, clear vision.”

A big clear vision is what gets you through the rough patches along the way.  You need a big vision to push you forward when everything is pushing you back.

As a entrepreneur you are walking through uncharted fields.  There are no clear signposts along the way and no indications on how much farther you have to go.  You must simply believe and keep going forward.

A big vision helps you move forward.  Adam and Matthew describe the big vision as “that picture in your mind of future possibilities”.  Every entrepreneur has a big vision, it comes naturally, it is the reason you to make that extra effort to succeed.  Some people watch TV and go to bed but an entrepreneur will wake up early, go to bed late, and work and work like a a donkey – all for the big vision to come true.

My big vision is to wake up every morning, eager for the day ahead, able to do what what I love doing. Without this vision I  would of quit this website a  long time ago.

Have a big vision, without it you’re screwed.

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How God Screwed With My Website Statistics

August 12th, 2010
Hand of God

A single all powerful God does not exist – it’s an absurd concept.  Instead there are thousands of mini gods.  Every mini god has a single responsibility and special power.

There is the god that makes sure that your dog takes a crap on the sidewalk when there are more then four people around.  There is the god that makes sure that the grease stain on your shirt does not come out with tap water and hand soap.  There is the god that makes sure that there is always an old lady in front of you in the ATM line.

Lately the god that makes sure that I get disappointed paid me a visit.

Every morning I check the statistics of this website:  how many visitors, how much money has been earned.

This morning task is similar to pulling pubic hairs – painful and tearful.  The difference is that because this website is about statistics it is something that I need to do every morning.

I have come to expect no change.  The sun rises in the east and revenue is less then a dollar.  Lightning is followed by thunder and a new post is followed by a no change in traffic.

But then one day I was surprised.  Traffic more then quadrupled.  Search engine traffic was way up, referent traffic was way up.  Normally there are 150 visitors a day – suddenly there are 600 visitors.

I was so happy.  Finally, the god of justice has arrived.  All the hard work is paying off.  The snowball is rolling – it can only get bigger and bigger.  I was so happy I clenched my hands together and released a quick laugh.

But I was mistaken. It was not the god of justice that visited my website.  It was my old and dependable friend, the god of disappointment.

Looking closely at the website statistics I started to notice problems:

Why Did My Website Revenue Not Increase

The first problem was that my revenue did not increase proportionaly.  One would expect that if you have four times the traffic then you will have four times the advertisement clicks.  Nope.  According to Google Adsense the number of page impressions did not increase.  As far as Adsense is concerned there is no increase in traffic.  Strange.

Why Is Google Analytics Not Reporting An Increase In Traffic

Because website statistics are so important to this website I use two sources.  AWSTATS which is a server based traffic tracker (means that every request to the server is tracked).  And Google Analytics which is a browser based traffic tracker (means that only requests from internet browsers are tracked).

Normally there is a correlation between these two trackers.  They are not the same, AWSTATS is always higher, but when one go up a so does the other.

But AWSTATS quadrupled and Goggle Analytics did not budge.  It is at this point that I spotted the god of disappointment outside my door just about to ring the doorbell.

What Is My Most Popular Webpage?

Why was AWSTATS reporting such high traffic?  What page was geting all this new traffic?

According to AWSTATS my most visited page this month is 404.php.  This page appears when the page being looked for does not exist.

The increase in traffic was due to spam bots, not an increase in real visitors.  Some jackass out there created a spambot that likes to visit my website.  Since it is looking for a page that does not exist the 404.php page becomes my most popular page.

Statistic Havoc Caused By The Spambot

Because of the spam bots my AWSTATS (server side) stats have become useless.  Here are some interesting but wrong conclusions based on the spambot tainted statistics.

  • Number of unique visitors in July = 1882.  Number of visitors in July = 14138.  Therefore each visitor visited the site an average of 7 times.
  • On Aug 8 there were 534 visitors and 3676 page views.  Which means that on average each visitor views 6 pages per visit.
  • Medical and financial sites are linking to my website.
    Website Statistics.JPG
  • So far this month 40 people have found my website by searching for “earn £437 every day”.

If any of the above were true then I would be happy.  But they are a misrepresentation of what is really going on.  They are based on statistics poisoned by the activities of the spam bot. 

Conclusion And Lesson Learnt

You can never completely avoid the disappointment god.  He is diligent and will always be around.  All you can do is to make things difficult for him.

Use more then one source for your website statistics.

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