Google Page Rank Increase - Month 3

The 3rd month of this website's existence started with a pleasant surprise. For the last couple weeks people have been expecting Google to update their Page Ranks. I guess it is something that Google does every few months. Nobody really knows when they will do it exactly. So part of my morning routine, besides checking email, visitor stats, and revenue, was to check the Page Rank of the home page. It has always been 0/10. Until now. A few days ago the homepage of this website has been assigned Page Rank 2/10. I am pleased.

After checking the homepage I quickly checked the other web pages and blog. Unfortunately none of those have gained any ground, they are still either 0/10 or no Page Rank assigned. Even though only the homepage has a Page Rank, the whole website benefits. This is because the Rage Rank from the home page bleeds to the other pages on the site. The other pages on the website benefit from the homepage having a Page Rank. Exactly how much they benefit? I do not know, and I do not think anybody outside of Google knows, but they do benefit and for now that is all that matters.

Google takes Page Rank in consideration when deciding whether to show your website in search results, and where to show it. The higher the Page Rank the better chance a website has in showing up on search results, and the higher up in the search list it will show. The goal of this website is to be on page 1 of search results when somebody does a search for 'make money with a website'. The Page Rank of 2 has not helped. This website still does not show up in the first 10 pages of Google results. I have no idea what Page Rank I need for this to be possible, but the top spot is currently held by a website with Page Rank 4. So I have only 2 more to go. If the first 2 came in three months, maybe the next 2 will come at 6 months. Maybe, maybe not. We will see in 3 months.

Website Traffic Is Not Increasing But Search Traffic Is

month 3 website revenue chart

I am not pleased with traffic. It has not changed much over the last month. Still averaging about 50 visitors a day. But there is a bright side. I am receiving more traffic from Google.

Over the last month my presence in forums has been minimal. I am trying to move away from forums. Traffic from forums is nice but the ultimate goal is to have 100% traffic from search engines. Let the search engines do the hard work for me. Let them drive the traffic to the website.

It seems that the increase in Page Rank has really helped. For the entire 2nd month the total amount of Google search traffic received was 42. Today is the 5th day of the 3rd month and already the website has received 16 visitors from Google. If it keeps going at this rate then by the end of the month this website should receive close to 100 visitors from Google. That is a 6 fold increase over the previous month. Of course this is still a very small number. 100 visitors from Google in a month is nothing. The wish is to have 100 search engine visitors a day. But that will take time. It is still only month 3 – too early to expect any miracles.

Still No Quality Backlinks

I suppose I can speed things up by pursuing backlinks, but as I have stated in the last update, I am not going to do that. I want backlinks, but I do not want to beg for them, or buy them, or exchange them. I only want quality backlinks – backlinks received because somebody wants to link to the website.

I regularly perform checks for backlinks to this website. I do this by going to Google search and entering “”. I find that same thing every time, sadly, no backlinks. The only backlinks are from my forums signature and from a blogger directory that I registered this website too. Nobody has found this website interesting enough to backlink to it.

The surprising thing is that the website received a Page Rank at all. I did not expect to receive any rank. I understood Page Rank as a ranking based on backlinks. And since I have not received any backlinks besides the ones created by being on forums, I do not know why I received the Page Rank of 2. Maybe Page Rank has other factors. For instance, the age of the website or the number of times it is updated. I update the website daily. All the charts, tables, traffic and revenue data are updated everyday. Maybe Google rewards websites for daily updates. But this is just a guess. It will be interesting to see whether my Page Rank increases the next time Google updates. If I still have no authentic backlinks and the Page Rank increases then I will have to claim that I have no idea what Page Rank is about. But hopefully it will not come to that. Hopefully someone will link to this website and I will have first backlink before this month is up.

Website Revenue Is Not Improving

month 3 website revenue chart

Checking the revenue stats is still the most depressing part of the day. It is either around a dollar or nothing. $0.00 – I hate that number. I have received no revenue from the two affiliates, Amazon and EZ-Hosting. Last month ten visitors clicked on the Amazon banner but there were no purchases. 21 visitors clicked on the EZ-Hosting banner but there was no registrations. But, again, I am not surprised. The traffic is still too low to expect anything. The fact that this website is so new makes it hard to have visitor loyalty. Nobody knows me and nobody trusts me and therefore they do not care for my recommendations. Only time can fix that.

Next Month

Next month the aim, as always, is to increase traffic. Specifically search engine traffic. So far search engine traffic is steadily increasing. But to make any great strides I need backlinks. The plan for this month is to have a guest post on a popular blog. If my guest post gets accepted I will have a great backlink. The best case scenario would be to have a gust post on one of the 'big time' blogs like ProBlogger or CopyBlogger. A backlink from one of those blogs would surly give this website a large boost.

Normally posts to this website's blog take me 4 hours to complete. But a guest post will take longer. I need to research the blog that I want to post to, and then target my writing for that audience. My post will need to match the format of the blog and the subject matter needs to appeal to the blog owner. For example, if I create a post for Copyblogger and it gets rejected, then I will need to change the post before I submit it to Problogger. Lots of work, but definitely worth it if accepted.

Still Going Strong

After 3 months the website is still progressing and I am still motivated. Let's see what the next month brings.

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