Update March 2017

The starterkit has not been updated since 2013 so it is outdated. You can still download it and have look but if you want to create a website I advise that you find a more current template. I am leaving this page up because it was a revenue stream included in the income data and as an example of a well made landing page.

Do You Want A Website?

The Website Starter Kit

How To Create A Website That Makes Money – A Complete Guide

The Website STARTER KIT will guide you through the entire process of creating Your Own MONEY making Website.



  • How to create a website using the template provided (you get a complete website)
  • How to setup a web hosting account and domain name
  • How to decide on a Niche
  • How to write content for your website
  • How to get traffic to your website
  • How to setup AdSense and generate revenue
  • How to become an affiliate and generate revenue


  • You Get A Complete and Fully Functional Website

The template is a complete website.   The template comes with 7 pages full of information and tips for your website.   Learn by example: how to add images, make lists, create tables – view the code to see how it is done and then create your own pages.

What does the template look like? howthiswebsitemakesmoney.com was created using this template. It is a 3 column layout which is the perfect choice for a content based money making website.

Want to see what you will be getting? Here is the exact website you will receive. Once you download the Website Starter Kit you will be able to upload this exact website to your web host (the Starter Kit will show you how) and you can begin customizing instantly.

As an example of what you can do, Prague Czech Travel was created in just a few hours using the website template. 

To edit your website all you need is a text editor or you can download a free open source HTML editor (links provided in Starter Kit).

  • You Get 4 Ebooks - Over 150 Pages

Book 1 – Before You Start The Website: This book teaches you everything you need to know before you start your website.
  • What makes a website successful
  • What software do you need
  • How to choose a niche
  • How to determine whether niche will make money
  • How to write content for your website that people will want to read
  • What is SEO and how do you improve it
  • What are backlinks and how do you get them
  • What is Internet traffic and how do you get it
  • How to benefit from forums, blogs, article submissions, guest posts, improving your SEO.

Book 2 – Web Hosting and Domain Name: This book shows you how to set up a web hosting account and get a domain name.   A step by step tutorial with screen shots shows you click by click how to sign up for a web host.

  • How to decide on a domain name
  • Should you have a long or short domain name
  • How to purchase a domain name
  • How and where to sign up for a website hosting service

Book 3 – Creating Your Website: The Website Starter Kit comes with a complete website. All that you require is a text editor like Notepad or a free HTML editor (links provided in Starter Kit).

These books are screen shot step by step tutorials.   They show you how to edit your template to make it your own personal and unique website.

  • How to create a new webpage
  • How to add content to a webpage
  • How to add links to the top navigation bar
  • How to add links to the right navigation bar

Book 4 – Website Accessories and Monetization: This book shows you how to add all the necessary accessories to your website.   The template provided does all the hard work for you.   You simply need to create your own AdSense, Tell A Friend, Analytics accounts (instructions included in Starter Kit) and cut and paste your personalized code into the template.   The template places all the accessories into the correct location on the website.

This book also includes a Further Research section giving you a list of great online resources for all new webmasters.   What are the best forums.  Where to get free open source software.  What blogs you should read.   What are the best websites for mastering HTML and CSS.

  • How to replace the default graphic banner with your own
  • How to setup up Tell A Friend
  • How to setup up Google AdSense Ads
  • How to setup up Google Analytics
  • How to setup up Google AdSense for Search
  • How to make money with by being an affiliate
  • How to make money by selling products online

What Will You Do After You Download The Website Starter Kit?

  1. You will read through the 4 ebooks and learn about websites and how they make money.
  2. You will upload the included website template to your website host.
  3. You will customize and add content to your website.
  4. You will add advertising and affiliate products to your website so that you can start making money.

The Website Starter Kit will guide you through all the steps above. When you complete the Website Starter Kit you will have your own website and you will have taken the first and most important step to making money online and your own business.


Download the Website Starter Kit

The Website Starter Kit is free.

To get the Website Starter Kit now simply right-click on:

Download Website Starter Kit

and save the file to your desktop (the file is a 6.3 megabytes)

Free! How come it is free - nothing in the world is free without a catch? True, nothing is free...my hope is that when you are ready to open a hosting account or register a domain name you will use www.worldforwebsites.com. I get paid a commision if you use their products. So the Website Starter Kit is completly free for you, I only get paid if you decide to use www.worldforwebsites.com.


Who are you?   How do I know you know what you are talking about?
My name is Roman.   I made the website howthiswebsitemakesmoney.com.   The website is an honest account of what I know and how much I make.   It speaks for me and gives you an good idea of what I know. 

I have written countless articles for the most repected websites about making money online. And after only two years online Google has already given its stamp of approval. Do a search for 'how a website makes money' and you will find howthiswebsitemakesmoney sitting on one of the top 3 spots of over 350 million results.

I started my website from scratch – you will be starting with an already made website and the knowledge that took me years to accumulate. This means less hours of work for you and a much quicker start.

With the Website Starter Kit you fast forward.  You will start off in the same place that takes most people years to reach.

If I buy this program will it make me rich?
Maybe.   Lots of people have become rich with websites.   I do not know if it will make you rich but I do know that you will never become rich with a website without doing the first step of actually having a website.   This program helps you with the first step – creating a website and knowing what you are doing.

This is not a get rich scheme.   A website is just like any other honest business.   The first step is to start your business.   The next step is to work hard at it. Usually it takes time.

This program gives you the knowledge and skills to create and operate a website.   As you can see on howthiswebsitemakesmoney.com I have made money, not lots, but I am working on it.   It is an ongoing process.   I hope to be rich one day and I am confident that I am on my way to becoming rich.   This program will help you get on your way.

I do not know how to use a computer, is that going to be a problem?
Yes.   Anybody who claims you can make money online without any computer skills is lying and trying to scam you out of money.

To make money online you need to know how to use a computer.   But you do not need to be a wizard - just the basic stuff. Using an Internet browser, copying/renaming files, using a word processor, finding information on the internet, filling out forms online, etc.

Basically if you found this webpage and can purchase this guide, without anybody's help, then you should be fine.

I do not know anything about HTML or CSS, is that going to be a problem?
Only if you are unwilling to learn the basics.   To use the information provided by this Starter Kit and to create your own website using the template you need to know very little HTML or CSS.   Actually you can probably get by without knowing any.   Simply by following the instructions word for word and blindly copying and pasting text you could create the website.   But I do not recommend it.  The guide will provide you with great links to at least learn the basics of HTML and CSS.   Even with a basic understanding of HTML and CSS you can get very far.

The advantage of getting the fully operational website with this program is that you can see how it works.   It is much easier to learn HTML and CSS when you have a working website to play around with.   I am confident that within a few hours, simply by looking at the template, you will grasp the basics of HTML and CSS.

Why is this Starter kit better than all the 100's of other ebooks out there?
This Starter Kit is a hands on guide.   Not only does it tell you what you should do, it lets you apply the information on your own website as you build it.   The template is specifically tailored together with the ebooks to work hand in hand.   Learn by example.

Why is this website template better than the other website templates out there?
This template is specifically made for a content based money generating website.   It has regions specifically made for AdSense, AdSearch, Tell A Friend and Analytics.   The other templates out there are just general multi-purpose templates not specifically made for generating online revenue.

Why is this 'Build Your Own Website' program better than the other programs available?
First of all if your intent is to make money with the website then this program is for you. This is not your typical 'Build Your Own Website' program.   It is specifically design to enable you to generate revenue from your website.

Secondly, a lot of the other 'Build Your Own Website' programs force you to use their proprietary software to build a website.   This is OK at the beginning but sooner or later you will outgrow it.   You will want to make your website better but you will not be able to.   You are limited by their software.

Thirdly, a lot of the other 'Build Your Own Website' programs force you to use their web hosting service (the website must sit on their server).   This means that you do not have full control of your website.   If they go out of business then you lose your website.   Or if you want to sell your website then most of the time you cannot because you do not technically own it – they do.

With this program you are not forced to use any proprietary software.  Your website can grow along with your abilities.   Other programs force you to use specific web technologies and they disallow others.  For example, other 'Build Your Own Website' programs do not allow you to use PHP.  But with this program you can add any feature you want to your website.  If you want to have PHP or want to add a Flash to your website then you can.  It is your website - you have full control.   

Nor are you forced to use any particular hosting service. Your website if completely owned by you.   If you decide to sell it in the future that is your decision and there will be nothing preventing you from doing so.

What will my website be about? Does it have to be about 'how to make money online'?
I hope your website will not be about 'how to make money online' because then you will become a competitor.   But seriously, your website can be about whatever you want.   The Starter Kit will provide you with advice and tips on how to choose a niche and how to determine whether the niche is a good revenue generating niche.

If I am using a template won't my website look like your website?   Will I be able to make it better and unique?
Yes.   The template is just the starting point.   You can do with it whatever you want.   Change the fonts, the colors, the header.   Everything on the template can be changed.   Nothing is hidden, nothing is protected.   As your website design abilities grow so will your website.

With just a few style changes your website will look completely different than the template.

Why should I get this program? I have seen advertisements for programs that claim that I can make $200/hour or make $10,000 a month.
If those claims were true, if they really worked, then the last thing I would be doing is wasting my time with my website.   Get quick rich schemes do not work.   If they did then why would the seller need to supplement his/her income by selling ebooks about them?

Making money online is like any other business.   It takes time, it is slow at the beginning but given a chance to grow money can be made.

A website is a business.   At the beginning things might be a little slow, but by working on it, improving it, giving people what they want, the business will grow.  Even Microsoft started off as a lone guy sitting at his computer typing away at his keyboard.   You have to start somewhere.   What matters most is that you start.   The only place where money is quick and easy is Las Vegas - it might be quick and easy but many people leave the city in tears.



In delay there lies no plenty. - William Shakespeare
Don't wait. The time will never be just right. - Napoleon Hill
One of these days, is none of these days. - Proverb

The most important step in making money with a website is to have a website - to make the first step.  Unfortunately the first step is the hardest one.   It is full of doubt and uncertainty.   Stepping into the dark is always scary.

You might be a little hesitant because you think that you do not have the skills to create a website.   Or maybe you think that you do not have the time to be a webmaster.   Or maybe you are not sure whether you are a good enough writer or creative enough or smart enough.

These are all just excuses and procrastination. You want a website. You can write, you are creative. You want a website that generates money while you sleep. You want to create something that you can be proud of – something that you made for yourself and by yourself..

Olin Miller said, If you want to make an easy job seem mighty hard, just keep putting off doing it.   You have probably been browsing around this website and others reading about creating a website.   You have been reading blogs and studying other people's websites - seeing success stories. You have been thinking about it and thinking about it.   But at some point you just have to do it - create your own website.



I can guarantee you a few things.   You will learn something, you will have fun, and you will create something that you can not even begin to imagine now.


Download the Website Starter Kit

The Website Starter Kit is free.

To get the Website Starter Kit now simply right-click on:

Download Website Starter Kit

and save the file to your desktop (the file is a 6.3 megabytes)

Free! How come it is free - nothing in the world is free without a catch? True, nothing is free...my hope is that when you are ready to open a hosting account or register a domain name you will use www.worldforwebsites.com. I get paid a commision if you use their products. So the Website Starter Kit is completly free for you, I only get paid if you decide to use www.worldforwebsites.com.


If you have read this far down the page then I must really have your attention.   Here are more reasons to start building your website today with this program.

  • This offer is not smoke and mirrors. There are no exaggerated bonuses– 500 hours of free ebooks a $5000 value, no limited supply claims – act now before its too late, no scratched out prices - $200.00 now $19.95, no claims that the program will enable you to buy a Porsche and have a swimming pool in the backyard of your mansion, no pictures of beautiful women throwing money into the air.

    These types of offers are usually scams because they are trying to sell their product using every persuasive technique because the product has no value.   If a person who won the lottery created a ebook claiming to teach you how to win the lottery, he would need to use the above techniques to sell the ebook.   There is no way to learn how to win the lottery – but maybe by claiming that it is a limited offer somebody might buy it.   Smoke and mirrors.

    This offer has nothing to hide.   The whole concept of howthiswebsitemakesmoney.com is to show what it is to have a website.  I cannot claim that you will make $200.00 an hour, or that you will get 1000 visitors a day, or that it is very little work.  Howthiswebsitemakesmoney.com describes with graphs, tables and a blog exactly what it is like to start a website.   This Website Starter Kit offers you a chance to have your own online business and like all business success is not easy or fast.   This Website Starter Kit gives you the opportunity have a legitimate revenue generating business, something that with a little sweat might bring a lifestyle that now you can only fantasize about.

  • You will save countless hours of time.  When I started howthiswebsitemakesmoney.com I knew nothing about creating a website that makes money.   I spent weeks searching and studying the literature. Hours spent sifting through web pages and books trying to figure out how it works, what everything means, what is true and what is just hype.   This program takes all those hours of research and puts in into the Website Starter Kit.   If I had this Website Starter Kit when I started I would have saved a lot of time and effort.

    Also, creating a website from scratch is a big waste of time.   So much time spent fiddling with layout and positioning, time spent figuring out the best places to put ads and accessories, hours spent trying to figure out a silly little HTML issue (getting rid of a gap between header and body).   All this you avoid by getting a complete working website template.   You start off with a working website and only need to make small changes and updates.   Instead of building a car from scratch, buy a base model and add your own accessories.

  • You will have a website.  When you finish this program not only will you understand the major aspects of the website business but you will have a website.   An actual tangible website that can generate revenue.   The Website Starter Kit is not just information it is also a website.   A website you will build upon.
  • You do not need to quit your day job.  Actually it is a good idea that you don't.   As you can see on howthiswebsitemakesmoney.com the beginning is slow.   It takes time.   So keep your job, work on your website in your free time.  Have the security of your day job while at the same time building something that can free you from it.   The most work is at the beginning, but once your website is built and you have the knowledge then it is only a matter of maintenance and updating.   Everyday as you go to work you will know that you have your own website business - a chance to be independent and work for yourself.
  • A website makes you money while you sleep.  A website is like a store that is open 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, 365 days a year.  It does not matter whether you are sleeping, eating dinner or at work, the website is working.   And the best part is that your potential customer is the whole world.   Anybody from around the world can come to your store.   It is open all the time and there is someone always standing behind the cash register.
  • Your website can only grow. The sooner you start the better.   The sooner your website is built the sooner you can start making updates to it, and the sooner it can be better.   Every minute you spend on your website adds value to it.   The more time you put into it the better it will be.   Instead of watching TV re-runs you could be working on your website.
  • You will not be left alone.  This is not a fly by night program. Howthiswebsitemakesmoney.com is here to stay – I am here to stay.   As you build your website and your business you can always visit this site and see how it is doing.   Compare its numbers against yours.   When it does well you can learn from it and when it does poorly you can learn from its mistakes.   Feel free to email me and discuss or ask questions. I am in the business of having quality websites and products which means that it is my job to make sure that I can help you any way I can.  You can even contact me now if you want:  Not sure if this Website Starter Kit is right for you? Send me a comment or question.  I will try to help you decide whether this Website Starter Kit is right for you.
  • You have nothing to lose.  The worst case scenario is that you learn something. It will not be a waste of your time – you will learn about websites, the online business model, and I am sure that along the way you will make some online friends. The best case scenario is that in the future you will be driving around in a Porsche and inviting your friends for a dip in the pool.

Still Not Sure If The Starter Kit Is For You?

I realize this is a big decision for you.   If you have any questions about the Website Starter Kit please use the contact form to submit your question.   I will be glad to answer your questions so that you are certain that this product it right for you.

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My name is Roman and I want to provide you with an honest account of what it takes to make money with a website.

When I started this website in January 2009, I thought I would be rich by May.  I was wrong - really wrong. 

At the beginning I did not know anything about websites, SEO, blogs, and how long it takes to make money with a website.

Since then I have learned a lot. By revealing my journey I hope this website will help prepare you for yours .

Feel free to contact me with any questions or comments and visit my Google+ page.