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Your New Website - The Home Page

The Most Important Page

Your Home Page is the most important page because it is the one that people see first.  You need to capture their attention and wanting more.

Use Pictures

It has been proven that website visitors like pictures. You should consider having an eye catching and interesting picture on your Home Page.

An eye catching picture

When you use pictures do no forget to fill in the 'alt' text.  That is the text that appears when you hover over the picture or when the picture cannot be displayed.  Also the 'alt' text helps search engines figure out what the picture is about.  This improves your SEO.

Use The Header Structure On All Pages

Each page should be structured using the header tages. Each page should only have one '<h1>' tag - usually at the top of the page.  And then structure the page using the next level tags: <h2>,<h3>,<h4> etc.  Just like on this page.

Tips For a Good Website

Google has a great help page that gives tips for a good website.  Study this page well:  Google Good Website Tips

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